City Plans And Projects

Project Name  Current Status % Complete
Northside Study/
Housing Study
Second Community Plan held on 8/27/18.  100%
Old Mill Site
Clean Up
Phase I ESA
Phase II ESA
Scheduled for Council Approval August 19th.
Maintenance & Sanitation Admin Building Currently on hold. N/A
City Hall Renovations Restroom renovations will start the last week of August. 

Interior 90%
Exterior Roofing & Painting 100%
Old Jail/Downtown
Master Plan
Asbestos survey is complete, 2 quotes have been received for asbestos removal. 
Agreement for demolition is scheduled for approval by Mayor and Council Aug 19th. 
Agreement for Phase 1 & 2 of downtown Masterplan has been approved by Mayor and Council.  


75% complete
Fleet Study  Faster software will go live by June 2019.
City Branding Study Complete. Branding guide submitted to City. 100%
Mill Village/Willing Workers Park Renovations Bid Awarded to GMC.  GMC will present a detailed schedule for Mill Village and Willing Workers. Legal is working with property owner to acquire land at Willing Workers.  25%
Hawthorne Center Restroom Renovations Project is complete. 100%
Unified Development Code Rewrite Deadline for draft from Jacobs is February 1. 100%
Douglasville Comprehensive Plan Update Public hearing held on 8/30/18. 90%, must be complete by October 31
 Windshield Study Old Mill Village and Downtown area  100%
 Riverside Parkway Bridge Rehab Project ready to go to construction in 3 months.
Sent letter to GDOT and ARC to move up the construction. It is being reviewed.
 Dallas Highway LCI Study Download the Plan. (File is 27 mb)
See the Steering Committee presentation from 5/3/19 meeting. See earlier presentations from 1/18/19 and 3/28/19. Presentation to Council on 8/1/19. Final Draft prepared. Went to City Council work session on August 1, 2019. City Council Meeting scheduled for August 29th and September 3, 2019. Staff is firming up engineering costs.
 Colquitt Terrace Construction is in progress.  Construction - 100%
 PD Community Center Parking Lot Project is complete.  100%
 SPLOST Resurfacing Bid Package Bartow Paving will begin resurfacing at the first of September 2019, after Labor Day.   Design - 100%
 SPLOST Proposed Project List and Schedules

List of remaining projects in the SPLOST program turned in for review. 90% 
 Douglas Boulevard Resurfacing C.W. Matthews will begin resurfacing at the  first of September 2019, after Labor Day. 

 Preliminary Design - 5%
 I-20 @ SR 92 Interchange Enhancements GDOT encroachment permit has been submitted.
Due to planting season requirements, project will bid in late summer. Plans are complete and the RFP is being finalized to begin bidding in early August. The GDOT Indemnification agreement and maintenance agreement are going to the council for approval but this will be done while the project is bidding. 
Design – 95% complete. Awaiting approved encroachment permit. 
 Lighting & Banners Phase II Curb and Gutter Construction completed. Project under budget. No change orders.  100% completed
SR92/Dallas Hwy Enhancements   Conceptual design is in progress by APD. Concept design - 80% 
 SR92/Fairburn Road Enhancements
 Conceptual design is in progress. Also includes Veteran’s Memorial from Campbellton Street to the Old Mill. A public information Open House will be held in mid-September.  
Concept Design – 75% for Fairburn Road, 75% for Veteran’s Memorial.
 Cedar Mountain Road Roof is complete and they have started installing interior walls.
 West Court House Square Still in demo phase.   Contract with Ra-Lin has been signed.
 Club Drive Project  TBA  
 Pedestrian Bicycle Plan  AECOM is gathering data and mapping. AECOM and the city met with ARC on June 13, 2019. The Steering Committee Meeting is scheduled for September 3, 2019.   10%
 I-20 @ Chapel Hill Interchange Douglas County is the project manager. First Steering Committee meeting was held in June. The city is on the steering committee. There are some questions about Freedom Island. Staff presenting to information on Freedom Island on 8-15-19.   
 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update (CTP)   Signed contract with Jacobs. Started study on June 12, 2019. Kick-off meeting with Jacobs on July 9, 2019. Jacobs is doing data collection. Jacobs went to a community event and surveyed citizens on 8-14-19.   
 Conference Center A/V Equipment/System   Met with IT representative. Looking at examples of Audio Visual RFPs in order to get the process started.    

 SPLOST 172x114
SPLOST Projects
Downtown Master Plan &
10 Year Strategic Plan

Chandler Thinks logo 172x114
Douglasville Branding Study
AE Comm logo p1191
Douglasville SPLOST Update
SR 92 at CVS for p1191
State Route 92 Project
Comp Plan 071918 gfx172x114 
City/County Comprehensive Plan

Goals and Objectives on 1191
Goals and Ojectives