Code Enforcement

Division Overview

The Code Enforcement division is responsible for locating and correcting code violations within the Douglasville city limits. The division also maintains the city’s foreclosure registry.
The two main areas of focus for the division are residential violations and commercial violations.

The day to day operations of the Code Enforcement Division are overseen by Lieutenant Wayne Kelley. Code Enforcement Officers are Michael Newcombe, Jimmy Hitchcock, and Dave McConnell.
Here are a few of the Code Enforcement Division's responsibilities:
  • Temporary Sign or Banner permits
  • Yard Sale Permits
  • Property Maintenance Violations
  • Registering Vacant or Foreclosed Property
  • Prohibited Signs and Banners
  • Abandoned or Junk Vehicles
  • Accumulation of garbage and debris
  • Business License Violations
  • Historic Preservation Violations
Here are a few helpful links:
Yard Sale Permit
Douglasville Municipal Code
Foreclosure Registry
Property Lookup
Submit a Code Violation

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