Certificate of Appropriateness

What is a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)?
In accordance with the HPC Ordinance of the City of Douglasville, no major material change in the appearance of the property designated as historic by the City Council, or of a historic, non-historic, or intrusive building, structure, site or object within a designated historic district, shall be made or be permitted to be made by the owner or occupant thereof, unless or until the application for a COA has been submitted to and approved by the Commission. A building permit shall not be issued without a COA approved by the Commission.

A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is required when Major work, Demolition, Relocation, and Excavation is planned for property in the Historic District.

A COA is not required for painting over previously painted brick, routine maintenance, landscaping, and interior changes unless the interior changes affect the exterior of the structure.

Make sure to review the Work Project Table located in the Historic Preservation Guidelines to determine if your planned project is major work or just maintenance. You can also stroll to bottom of this page and download the link.

Process for Obtaining a COA
  1. Identify proposed exterior alterations to structure or site located in the Historic District or locally designated
  2. Visit the Community and Downtown Services Department at 6713 Church Street Douglasville, GA and/ or contact Regina Chapman the Historic Preservation Clerk at (678) 449-3104
  3. Obtain a COA application packet
  4. File COA application with appropriate fees. HPC public hearing will be required (minimum 45 day process)
  5. Application reviewed by Staff. If determined the information is complete you will be given a hearing date. If your information is not completed you will not be given a hearing date and will be required to provide more information
  6. Applicant appears at the HPC hearing and presents case. The Commission makes the decision to approve, deny or table the case
    • If approved: you will receive a COA within 48 hours and you can begin work
    • If denied: modify application and resubmit or appeal the decision of the Commission
    • If tabled: your case will be heard at the next available meeting date
COA Application Packet
COA Application Packet includes:
  • City of Douglasville Historic Preservation Guidelines
  • Historic District Map
  • Work Project Table
  • COA Application
Fee Schedule:
Minor Change or Ordinary Maintenance No Fee
Certificate of Appropriateness (Major Changes) $100
Amendment to a Certificate of Appropriateness $25