Special Outdoor Event Permit

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A Special Outdoor Event Permit is required for events conducted in the open air or within a tent or other temporary structure and is produced for a limited time, and could be considered: 
a.         A festival, carnival or exhibition where:
                        i.          Unpackaged food is served, sold or transferred to members of the public, or
                        ii.          Motorized amusement devices, a tent or an outdoor stage is used; or
b.         Any temporary commercial event conducted on residential property, other than a yard sale; or 
c.         Any temporary event conducted on residential property where more than 200 guests or attendees are expected on any one day; or 
d.         Any outdoor sales or commercial activity by a peddler or transient merchant on non-residential property, other than a licensed flea market. 

Please submit your special outdoor event permit application to the Zoning Department at City Hall.

Please allow up to two (2) weeks for application processing and approval.