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1. What positions are currently avaliable?
2. What is the age requirement to apply?
3. Is there a residency requirement for City employment?
4. How can I apply for a position?
5. Are there any additional documents I must submit with my Police application?
6. How long is the police academy?
7. Can I submit an application for a future opening or a job that is not open?
8. Will you accept just my resume or must I complete an application?
9. What do you mean by "closing date?"
10. What does "Open Until Filled" mean?
11. I have previously applied for a job with the City.  Can I use that application to apply for another job?
12. I have applied for a job.  How can I find out the status of my application?
13. What is the basic hiring process?
14. Where can I find the City's personnel policies and procedure?
15. What benefits are offered by the City of Douglasville?
16. As a new employee when would I be eligible for benefits?
17. Who do I contact about my Pension?
18. How do I request an employment verification for a former employee?